UN wants half the developing world online by 2015


The United Nations has called on world leaders to ensure that at least half the developing world’s population and 40% of households in developing countries are using broadband Internet by 2015. Consumers in all countries should have access to affordable broadband Internet services, including in developing countries, says a declaration by the UN’s Broadband Commission for Digital Development.


“We urge governments to avoid limiting market entry and taxing ICT services unnecessarily to enable broadband markets to realize their full growth potential,” says the Commission in its ‘Broadband Challenge’ study.

“We encourage governments to promote coordinated international standards for interoperability and to address the availability of adequate radio frequency spectrum.”

The UN extols the ability of broadband to open up young minds, empower women to expand their opportunities, improve awareness of hygiene and healthcare and help family breadwinners find work, a better salary or return on their goods.

“It is essential to review legislative and regulatory frameworks, many of which are inherited from the last century, to ensure the free and unhindered flow of information in the new virtual, hyper-connected world,” it argues.

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