Infographic: 30 years of ‘social business’- 3 paths to shared value


‘Social business’ is one of the big business buzzwords of 2012, but how many people actually know what it means? Global Dawn has traced the history of social business over the past thirty years to show it’s not just a 2012 fad. Charting back to the 1980’s this infographic maps all the routes business have travelled in order to become more social. Not just focusing on social media, the infographic also about looks at values, customers, collaboration, involvement and engagement.


Social business is the creation of shared value for everybody in a business value chain, including the customer and the communities they live in, online or offline.

Social business has evolved from multiple sources and is taking business in a new direction.
From the development of micro-finance to today’s customer ecosystems, shared value and social business is all about empowering people and creating a more collaborative human-centred business environment.

The technology stream

A strong tradition running through social business and dating back to the free software movement and then open source is the idea of contribution. Making a contribution to the ecosystem you work within. That tradition has also helped build the web into a giant, free collaborative resource.

The marketing stream

Another strong tradition begins with multi-level marketing and loyalty programs. The web has enhanced the capacity of smart firms to build loyalty by engaging more deeply with customers and by interacting in more equal terms.

The social stream

Finally there is the tradition of social itself beginning with the micro-finance initiatives that were designed to replace development aid in what used to be called the third world. That tradition has informed open innovation, the large mobile ecosystems that flourished first in Kenya, and then crowdsourcing.


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