Microsoft promotes HTML5 with exclusive ‘Cut The Rope’ levels for IE9 users


Microsoft is offering a browser version of mobile hit game Cut The Rope, with a set of special levels accessible only to people who use IE9 and pin the game to their Windows 7 taskbar. The game will be used the highlight the ‘pinning’ function between its operating system Windows 7 and new browser Internet Explorer 9. The popular app will be made available for all HTML 5 browsers, with access the specially created extra levels only available to users who ‘pin’ the game.


Game maker Zepto Lab and Pixo Lab worked on the HTML 5 version to showcase the modern browser.

The first 18 levels are open to anyone, but the final 7 levels are open only to IE9 users and to unlock users need to pin the game to their Windows 7 taskbar. Once the user gets through the 18 levels will be prompted when they get there either to download IE9 or, if they already have the browser, to pin it to their taskbar.

Click here to access the game

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