Beggining of the end? Cable and Wireless to axe dial-up internet service in Guernsey


Cable and Wireless plans to end its fixed-line dial-up internet service in Guernsey before the end of the year. The ISP said there were about 380 households that still use the service, which will end on 30 November.

Jess Bisson, marketing and PR manager, said: "Most websites at the moment are not really compatible with dial up speeds. We're presuming most of those are just accessing emails via that connection."

She said: "It's not cost effective to keep it going, the funds will be diverted to our broadband services. There are options, there is the broadband option either with ourselves or with other people or, if they really want to continue using a dial up service, there are companies we can put them in touch with who can provide that.

"If these people are using the internet sporadically or just to check their emails there are options [besides broadband] they can use."

Bisson said all customers affected by the changes would be notified by letter.

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