Google+ share button appears on search results: SEO goes social


Google has added a Google+ share button and notification box on its home page and all search results, in a move that could dramatically change the way brands appear on its search results. Pressing on the + Share button reveals the Google+ post update box lets the user add links, pictures, and then choose who they share that information with. It means users will be able to share something immediately without having to go to the Google+ homepage.


The new addition went live this week on the .com and sites. The tool is also visible across numerous products, such as Google Docs, Gmail and Google Reader. It has not appeared on YouTube yet.

Google is also offering Google + suggestions with some search results.

For example, a search for "canon" brings up a box on the right hand side of the page suggesting three Google+ People and Pages related to canon.

In the case of that search all three people list that they take pictures with Canon cameras in their introduction on their About page. (See image below)


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