ICANN now accepting .wales and .cymru domain names


The Welsh government has said will not object to a bid for the right to use the '.wales' and '.cymru' domain names. The move will give people and buisnesses in wales the chance to use Wales and Cymru in their internet address names.

It follows a decision to expand the number of top-level names available, such as '.com', '.net' and '.org'.

A £240,000 application to use the new Welsh names can now be made to the international internet body, Icann.
The decision not to block the application has been welcomed by Clwyd South AM, Ken Skates, who heads one of the assembly's committees on the future of media in Wales.
"I have always been supportive of establishing a top level domain name for Wales and it is exceptionally important that we secure a name that will give the biggest and best economic boost to Wales.

"I am hopeful we can now move forward to develop a domain name for Wales which will help grow the potential of Welsh businesses right across the world."

The request to apply for the '.wales' and '.cymru' names was made by the not-for-profit UK registry body, Nominet.

It is understood that the application for the names to Icann could cost up to £120,000 for each name.

However, the Welsh government has previously ruled out paying for the bid.

In November, Nominet said it remained in talks about how the application would be funded.

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