iPad 3 unveiled on March 7: Will it be 4G?


Apple’s next version of the iPad will feature 4G LTE connectivity on both Verizon Wireless and AT&T in the US, according to a news report. The WSJ reports that the device, dubbed the iPad 3 may also come with a higher-resolution display and a quad-core chip.


The Wall Street Journal also claims that Apple is testing a version of the iPad that has a smaller screen than the current model.

LTE, which offers faster data speeds than 3G, is not available in the UK and even within the US coverage is limited.

The new tablet will be announced on Wednesday, March 7, according to Apple blog iMore, which cites "sources who have been reliable in the past".

The blog says it can confirm reports that the iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor, something that had been disputed by other sources, but it is not certain whether the new device will have LTE compatibility.

iMore says LTE is likely to be included in the next iPhone but may not figure in the iPad 3.

A flurry of rumours, from a range have sources, say that the new iPad will have a 'retina display' - that is, an improved screen resolution delivering 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Next month the iPad 2 will be one year old and an updated version is expected from the company.

Last year, the iPad 2 was launched on March 2. It has since sold more than 43 million, maintaining Apple’s position as market leader despite a flurry of rival Android tablets.

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