Video viral of the week: Mercedes ‘invisible’ car


This clever publicity stunt from Mercedes has earned the car maker many plaudits this week. See why it’s been named our viral of the week here…


Mercedes latest car is being marketed as a car that's "virtually invisible to the environment."

The hydrogen fuel cell electric car converts compressed hydrogen into electricity to drive the motor, has only one emission: water vapour.

The stunt, which forms the basis of a 90-second internet ad, involves the “invisible” Mercedes B-Class F-Cell car popping up in and around Hamburg.

The footage reproduces the technical spectacle while also showing viewers how it was achieved.

Engineers matted one side of the car with LED lights, in effect forming a car-shaped television screen.

On the other side of the car, a video camera was placed and configured to transmit the view to the LED side.

Once on the road, a side profile of the car makes it appear invisible to baffled passersby, who first look stunned, then amused.

The car should be going into production in 2014, offering a 240-mile range.

Agency: Jung von Matt
Client: Mercedes-Benz
Territory: Germany

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