Domino's makes £1m in mobile sales in one week


Domino’s took over £1m in sales through its mobile platform in a single week during the first quarter of 2012, the company has announced. Tealeaf has revamped its mobile platform for marketers, letting clients re-create problems and optimize functionality, so they can see issues users will experience on different platforms.

The tool covers mobile web sites, native iOS and Android apps, hybrid apps, and the growing number of apps and sites built in HTML5.

The platform also provides device-level data, such as device type, browser version or operating system.

Bill Loller, vice president of Mobile, Tealeaf, said: "If you're not mobile, you're not competitive. Tealeaf CX Mobile helps ecommerce businesses take full advantage of the mobile revolution by identifying opportunities—as they happen—to optimize the mobile experience and empower customers to accomplish the task they are attempting to do digitally."

Click here to see Bill explain in more detail the value of Tealeaf CX Mobile

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