Breaking into the top 25 App Store chart- How many downloads do you need?


To make it into Apple’s lucrative ‘top free 25 list’, apps require approximately 38,400 daily downloads, according to new data. The research, from app tracking firm Distimo, used the company’s monitoring tool to calculate apps downloaded. The study found that approximately 38,400 daily downloads are needed to make it onto the top 25 free apps chart.


It takes approximately ten times less downloads (3,530) to make it onto the top 25 paid apps chart.


Distimo found that it requires slightly less downloads to make it onto the charts for an individual category.

Developers hoping to top the chart of more popular categories will need more downloads to make it into the genre’s top list, such as games, while less popular categories will require fewer downloads.

For example, to snag a top spot in Apple’s Entertainment category, a free app needs to have 6.7 thousand daily downloads, while a top spot in the Weather category requires just 300 downloads.

On average, across all categories, free apps will require 13 times as many downloads to make it onto the top 25 most popular free apps than it takes paid apps make it onto the top 25 most popular paid apps list, though this varies widely between categories.

To read the full Distimo report, click here

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