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All eyes on Facebook this month: we have a round-up of the IPO, aggressive investor reaction, General Motors pulling their ads and the latest on share price. More important for marketers, we also have the new approaches for their ads, how the automated 'Premium Ad' system works, and the new mobile tools for fan pages.

Digital regulation came into the spotlight with the controversial EU cookie law, and then the UK last minute watering-down (video below). It's an approach we expect several other countries to copy - the U-turn saw the wording shift from 'explicit consent' to 'implied consent'.

Google's entry into the mobile device market completes, with the green light for its $12.5bn Motorola Mobility deal, and we show how Google+ was beefed-up with a 'Hangouts' webcam community.

Your data charts this month include top Apps, the true cost of a Facebook Sponsored Story, the (ridiculously complicated) social media landscape and as always full stories and videos on click, and a survey for what you'd like in next month's edition.

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