The cost of a Facebook Sponsored Story: 125m social media impressions ‘worth 2 American Idol TV commercials’


As Facebook ads grow in popularity amongst big brands, are advertisers getting better exposure for their money than they would on other mediums? This infographic from the Wall Street Journal takes a look at what money invested in a Facebook Sponsored Story could buy you instead…


Source: The Wall Street Journal

Last year, Facebook launched its Sponsored Stories ad platform, letting advertisers rebroadcast people's positive posts on the site's main news feed to highlight them.

Advertisers pay a rate based on impressions, or views those posts get. While advertisers can directly track the return from ads on Google and Yahoo, Facebook mostly doesn't permit third-party surveys on its site or allow ads to be tagged with "cookies," software that tracks what people do online after seeing an ad.

To produce this infographic, The Wall Street Journal used data from a ‘top media buying agencies’ to calculate the current cost of ad formats across different mediums.

Facebook charges advertisers $8 each time a Sponsored Story’ is viewed 1,000 times in the main news feed, meaning that if an ad generated 125 million views (or impressions) it would cost the advertiser $1m.

According to the sources quoted by the WSJ, this $1m could also buy:

• Two 30 second commercials on Americal Idol slot on the US Network Fox. (19.5million viewers)

• 2 days on Yahoo’s home page for a large ad with rich media (113.5MM Unique users)

• 6.5 colour page ads on People Magazine. (Circulation 3.5m)

• 10 full page colour ads on the New York Times newspaper (Weekday print circulation 779,731)

To read the full Wall Street Journal article, ‘The Big Doubt Over Facebookclick here.

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