Facebook lets users edit comments


Facebook is letting users edit the comments they make on status updates, photos videos or other content posted on the social network. While the social network did roll out a feature during April 2011 that allowed allowed users to edit comments within a few seconds of posting a reply, that restriction has been lifted and users can edit comments without any regard to a specific time limit.

To edit a Facebook comment, users need to click the pencil icon on the right side of the comment box and type the correction.

This will be particularly helpful for anyone that makes a spelling mistake, but doesn’t realize the error until an hour later.

It also allows people to alter a comment on controversial topics if deemed offensive by their friends.

In addition, Facebook includes a new “Edited” link between the time of the post and the “Like” link on the comment.

When clicking the ”Edited” link, a pop-up window will appear that lists all changes to the comment. Similar to changes made on Wikipedia, a Facebook user can browse through the edit history in order to understand what was changed.

The time on each comment is changed to correspond with the most recent edit. However, the friend that originally received a notification about the comment will not receive another notification about the edit.

For instance, if a Facebook user edits a comment made six months ago, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will notice.

Also rolled out this week, Facebook added a collection of emoticons to the chat interface.

Available in the bottom right corner of the chat window, Facebook users can choose from twenty-one different icons such as smiley faces or the familiar Facebook thumbs up.

The emoticons will only appear in graphical form on the Web version of the site. If a Facebook user sends an emoticon to a friend that’s using a mobile device, they will see the text version of the emoticon.

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