Gmail SMS launched in Africa


Google has launched Gmail SMS across Africa, a new tool that lets Gmail users who own a simple feature phone to send and receive emails using only text messages.


The free service is currently available only in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, but is likely to spread to other emerging markets across Asia and Africa once the initial trial is complete. The move would allow anyone to stay connected through email, even if they don’t own a smartphone, or can't get a stable Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Once enabled through Google Account settings, the service lets users email any recipient by sending a simple text message.

The email will be received as usual, in the right conversation thread. Any reply will be automatically forwarded from the Gmail account to their phone, and will be received as a text message.

Users can also control the emails received with commands such as “More”, “Pause” and “Resume”.

The service is complete free, although it will incur regular SMS charges from mobile carriers.
Gmail SMS is developed by Google’s Emerging Markets team, and may never reach the rest of the world.

Google Africa Blog:

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