Google’s £169 tablet to launch in UK without music, film or magazines


Google's Nexus 7 tablet is due for launch in a couple of weeks, but the internet giant has admitted the iPad rival will go on sale in Europe without access to the Play Store’s music, magazines or TV shows after it failed to agree deals with the rights holders. Announced last month, the Nexus 7 features a smaller 7-inch screen than the iPad, and will cost just £169 for the base model. It goes on sale on July 19 in the US and Europe. However, the ability to access TV shows, music and magazines will remain exclusive to the US for the initial launch period.


"The UK version will feature all of the options currently available in the UK Play store", said a Google statement.

This means that British buyers of the Android-powered Nexus 7 will only be able to access apps, games and books from the digital store.

A Google spokesman added that the company hopes to expand the Movies and TV Shows categories to more countries "in the coming months".

It is thought that similar problems in negotiating deals for digital music, TV shows and magazines have prevented Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet from launching so far in the UK market.

Due to the reduction in available content, some consumers might be put off Google's Nexus 7, meaning it could struggle to take market share from Apple's dominant iPad. Apple is rumoured to be preparing a 7in version of its device, to help it maintain its dominance in the tablet market, where it remains the runaway leader.

However, the product's cheap price and high specs could still persuade customers to take the plunge later in the month.

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