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What's a 'like' really worth? About 24% more than non-fans, according to With Facebook under pressure to turn clicks into cash, Play's data certainly help Zuckerberg make his case that 'likes' equal high-value customers.

It's been another tough month for the Facebook founder, with an Australian judge ruling that fan comments are now ads, while plans to run newsfeed ads for non-fans met further user grumbles. News that nearly 9% of Facebook profiles 'could be fake' also set alarm bells ringing with advertisers.

The challenge of preserving user's privacy in an increasingly commercial Internet space reared its head again this month. Google was whacked with a record fine for misrepresenting their use of Safari users' data, Facebook had its knuckles wrapped by a judge for using personal photos in ads, and Microsoft caused a stir with advertisers by setting 'Do Not Track' to default in their latest version of IE.

Also this month:
- Mobile: Paypal tests McDonalds mobile payments
- Social: Pinterest opens registration, the top 20 Twitter countries, and a review of the first 'social Olympics'
- Video: YouTube is removed from Apple devices
- Search: How search keyphrases are getting longer and SEO tips from Google on 5 biggest mistakes in SEO

Key data this month reveals that search keyphrases are getting longer, the Top 20 Twitter countries and a look back at how brands fared in the 'social Olympics'. As a bonus, we've also got SEO tips from Google on 5 biggest mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!).

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