Mobile advertising forecast data – market to triple


The latest mobile advertising forecast data suggests the big boom is yet to come, with the market trippling in side within the next 4 years, Yankee group are forecasting more than $11 billion being invested by brands just in mobile media space, before considering the investment to make websites compatible for mobile phones and tablets. After 10 years of hype, this mobile advertising forecast shows the tipping point is finally being reached. Here’s why…

With mobile coming into its own as an ad platform, spending in the sector is likely to more than triple by 2016 to as much as $11 billion, according to research from Yankee Group.

The surge will be led by high-growth countries such as Brazil, China and India, the firm said.
Yankee Group's "Mobile Advertising Forecast 2012: Marketing Steps Through The Looking-Glass" says mobile ads have transitioned into a powerful marketing medium and can no longer be considered an extension of online advertising.

Some of the tech and the Internet's biggest companies, including Apple , Google and Facebook have been racing to roll out and improve ads that people can click from their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

Marketers in emerging economies are said to be giving increasing priority to mobile ads. In 2016, the Yankee Group estimates that mobile ads will generate revenue of $6 billion alone in Brazil, China and India, topping the U.S. and Europe. It's expected to become the dominant platform for digital marketing in some countries.

The study points out that tablet computers generate six times the ad revenue of the early mobile phones that ruled the market five years ago and are driving fast into the mass market. By 2016, the Yankee Group predicts that more than one in four smart mobile devices globally will be tablets.

The study predicts users worldwide will be willing to trade some personal information in order to get more targeted ads on their mobile devices.

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