Adobe takes on Salesforce with social analytics tools


Adobe has launched Adobe Social, an alalytics tool designed to helps users measure and understand the return on investment they get from their social media campaigns. Adobe Social lets marketers monitor mentions for their brand on Facebook and Twitter, find out which customers are the key influencers on each of these networks and track how much revenue is being generated from specific social media campaigns and posts.

The platform also makes it easier to target ads to certain audiences, personalize a website based on how the user interacts with it and even build apps for Facebook, effectively making it an all-in-one marketing tool for companies.

Adobe Social incorporates technology from Context Optionaland Efficient Frontier. Adobe acquired Facebook advertising-management platform Efficient Frontier last November. Six months before that, Efficient Frontier acquired Facebook page-management platform Context Optional.

Jamie Brighton, product marketing manager, Adobe - said: “Social has changed the way customers are doing business but most marketers are still running their social efforts by intuition, not a strategy. We’re launching Adobe Social as we know ‘social’ is a lot bigger than what happens on social networks – indeed, very few campaigns start and end on social. We know that brands need to track how behaviour online translates to behaviour offline as this will influence how marketers manage their marketing campaigns and spend.”

“A year ago we launched SocialAnalytics as a listening tool, we then acquired, social media management company, Context Optional in January. We did this as we recognised that the creation, monitoring and measurement of social interactions shouldn’t be separate from broader digital marketing activities – brands need to see the correlation between buzz and the bottom line.”

“By breaking social out of its silo and integrating it into the digital marketing mix, we’re the only company allowing brands to see how social is impacting their customer journey and then how they’re able to act to optimise the route they take.”

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