How are consumers sharing personal data with brands? (infographic)


Over 4 in 5 (82%) of UK consumers are happy to share their information with brands across at least one channel, according to this new infographic from Experian. The data divided UK consumers into 4 key categories depending on how many channels they are willing to share data with a company (eg email address, Facebook data, Pinterest boards).

• Hot (3-5 shares) 8% of population

• Warm (2 shares) 19% of population

• Cool (1 Share) 55% of population

• Cold (No shares) 18% of population.

Unsurprisingly, 18-24 year olds are the demographic who are most likely to share information over three channels, and this increasingly including social channels. This younger age group is also frequently the most engaged with brands.

Conversely, consumers aged over 55 were the least happy to share information about themselves, and are subsequently the hardest group for digital marketers to reach.

Interestingly, of those that were happy to share, 79% of this group said that they preferred to share information over email, as opposed to the type of social networks that brands often focus on like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Although it can be seen as bit outdated, this stat shows the email still plays a critical role in digital marketing. It is likely that email is still seen as a more personal, and safer, way of engaging with a brand and sharing personal data.

View the infographic below:



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