iPhone 5 dominates search ahead of launch


Ahead of the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, Experian Hitwise has provided key search and online data surrounding the hugely anticipated launch.

iPhone 5 data from Experian Hitwise (week ending 8th September)

• 1 in every 1000 searches conducted in the UK last week (week ending 8th September) was for iPhone 5

• 25% of all online searches relating to the iPhone were specifically about the iPhone 5

• 42% increase in online searches for ‘iPhone 5’ and a 68.3% increase in ‘Apple iPhone5’ searches in week on week comparisons, both of which coincide with the 33.8% increase in searches for ‘iPhone 5 release date’ for the same time period

• There has been 19 times more searches for the ‘iPhone 5’ than for last year’s model the iPhone 4S this week alone

• In terms of sites benefitting from the searches for the iPhone 5, the majority of downstream traffic is going to news sites with TechRadar.com being the biggest recipient of traffic receiving 13% of all search traffic relating to the new iPhone via their techradar.com and m.techradar.com sites combined, followed closely by the Daily Mail which receives 6% of traffic.

• Other sites receiving downstream traffic from iPhone 5 searches:

o CNN.com – 3.78%
o Daily Telegraph – 2.73%
o Crave at CNET.co.uk – 2.43%
o Guardian (mobile site) – 2.38%

Source: Experian Hitwise

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