Apple to quit using Samsung chips?


Apple is reportedly planning to drop Samsung as manufacturer of its mobile processors, as the rivalry between the two firms intensifies.A report from Citigroup Global Markets, which is Citi's international research division, indicates that Apple is set to switch to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing for its processing needs.


Citi reports that TSMC will make the quad-core processors on an advanced manufacturing platform, likely to be used in future iPads, the long-rumored iTV, and maybe even some MacBooks.

iPhones and iPods would still run on less advanced technologies with lower power consumption, and Samsung might still get to manufacture some or all of those.

Apple's reported efforts to marginalise Samsung comes following a long courtroom battle, which has left extremely bitter feelings on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Apple and Samsung have helped each other earn billions in the past few years, but it seems that elongated period of dragging each other's names through the mud may bring that mutually beneficial arrangement to a close.

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