DuckDuckGo attacks Google: “There’s no regular search anymore”


Search engine DuckDuckGo has released a video that aims to show that there’s no such thing as impersonal Google results. The video shows results from an experiment the team did in which more than 100 people searched the same topics while logged out of Google. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo does not track user’s search habits or store search results. s very strong on privacy, and doesn't store your search results.

There are no "regular results" on Google anymore. from DuckDuckGo on Vimeo.


The video attacks Google’s ‘filter bubble’, arguing that you could ” be missing out on results just because it doesn’t fit the profile of what Google thinks you should be seeing.

Consequently you see more of what you like, and less of what you don't, which in turn reinforces your world view, and excludes important stuff to further down the list of results.

Google has not hidden from any of this, however, and maintains that a personalized experience is a better experience, and many would likely agree.

DuckDuckGo makes the point that Google is still personalising searches even for signed out users, and says it had 131 who weren’t signed into Google perfrom searches for three different political queries (abortion, gun control and Obama), with a “wide variance” in resulting links.

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