iPad Mini: 9 things you need to know


Following the expected unveiling of the iPad Mini this week, Experian Hitwise provides 9 key stats from the web showing demand and traffic sources for the much anticipated device.


• 1 in every 6000 UK internet searches were for the iPad mini (week ending 20th October)

• Searches for iPad mini have increased by 17% in the last week

• Searches for the iPad mini have increased by 250% in the last month

• 6% of all searches for the iPad have included the word mini in the last 4 weeks

• Majority of people are searching for price (2.21%), release date (1.54%), rumours (1.16%) and features (0.57%)

• In terms of sites benefitting from the searches for iPad Mini, the majority of downstream traffic is going to news sites with T3 being the biggest recipient of traffic - 8% of all searches related to iPad Mini result in a visit to the T3 site

• Other sites receiving downstream traffic from iPad Mini searches:
o Mirror.co.uk – 5.23%
o Techradar – 4.59%
o Daily Mail – 4.33%
o Daily Telegraph – 4.30%

• Competitor Analysis - 0.33% of all searches for the iPad mini included the keyword nexus and only 0.01% included the term Kindle

• In comparison 2.5% of all searches for the Google Nexus included the term Kindle and 2% incl. term Samsung and 1% incl. the term iPad this suggests that people searching for the iPad are certain that’s what they want to buy whereas those searching for the nexus are more likely to want to compare against different models

Source: Experian Hitwise

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