Mail.Ru rebrands as for international markets


Russia’s Mail.Ru Group has rebranded its international email service as, as the first looks to expand. Mail.Ru Group’s portfolio includes several dozen cross-the-world popular browser and client games like Allods Online, Perfect World, Lord of the Rings Online, Warface. Mail.Ru Group has offices in several countries, including Germany, Israel and Latvia.

The company has also set up a centre of localisation, which engaged in the translation and adaptation of the service interfaces and projects for overseas markets.

Dmitry Grishin, CEO, announced: "Today, our services are used by more than 90% of the Russian Internet audience - said in his speech Dmitry Grishin, CEO of Mail.Ru Group. We have made extreme progress in the Russian-segment of internet, but we do not intend to stop here. With the year of testing of selected products in foreign markets we carried-out the name for the effective overseas launch. So we decided that we need a new global, short, memorable name. And we are pleased to present».

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