Video viral of the week: Fedex captures data to create personalised jingle


FedEx has launched a new app on Facebook that highlights how they can help your business grow better than a cheesy advertising jingle. The app invites customers to input their business details which then become customizable parts of their very own 'jingle'. See why it’s our video viral of the week below…


FedEx used facebook to boost its engagement with customers, with a new app that aims to reposition FedEx as not just a delivery service but also a company that can produce business cards, banners, and brochures.

The FedEx Jingle Studio Facebook app lets users you can create their own jingle for their business.

It takes the idea of "solutions that matter" from a reverse angle: there are many things FedEx can do to help your business succeed; a cheesy 'Jingle' isn't one of them.

The "Jingle Studio" app was created by BBDO NY, working with Caviar and Haus. It juxtaposes a low-fi interface with a new text-to-singing technology.

To promote the app to a wider audience, FedEx rolled out amusing videos of the fictitious hair salon called Sassy Cutz promoting its services in commercials that include truly terrible jingles, camera work, and so on.

The tagline and copy is the same on all the videos. It simply and effectively communicates FedEx’s message: “There are more effective ways to promote your business. We can help with business cards, banners, and brochures. FedEx. Solutions that matter.”

• Client: FedEx
• Agency: BBDO New York
• Production: Caviar, Los Angeles
• Country: US

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