Global online ad revenue to reach $143bn by 2017: US, China and UK lead the way


Global online advertising revenues will reach $143 billion in 2017, with the US still leading the market, with China catching fast, according to a new report. The Online Advertising Forecasts report, from Digital TV Research, estimates that the 2017 total is more than double the $66 billion recorded in 2010 and considerably up from the $92 billion predicted for 2012.


The US will remain the dominant territory for online advertising expenditure. Its share of online advertising revenues stay at 40% of the global total, although its online ad spend will grow from $26,040 million in 2010 to $58,133 million in 2017.

The UK will remain in second third place recording $11,724 million ad revenue in 2017. China’s online advertising revenues will overtake Japan to take third spot, growing from $2,600 million in 2010 to $11,724 million in 2017.


This impressive global online advertising growth will be helped as more and more households covert to fixed broadband. By 2017, 745 million homes in 40 countries will subscribe to fixed broadband, up from 473 million in 2010.

The 2017 total represents 49.2% of total households, up from 33.5% at end-2010.

Report author Simon Murray predicts that online advertising per fixed broadband household will increase from $139 in 2010 onto $165 in 2012 and to $197 by 2017.


The report covers 40 countries, and online advertising is defined in net terms (rate card prices less discounts, agency commissions and production costs).

These figures are for advertising expenditure via fixed broadband, and therefore do not include mobile advertising.

Source: Digital TV Research

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