Social media ad effectiveness: Up to 87% of Facebook conversions ‘come from views, not clicks’


As advertisers seek more value from their social media campaigns, a new report indicates that views, not clicks, are the most valuable factor in getting conversions. Yesterday, TechCrunch examined data using Facebook’s 'view tag' feature, which allows advertisers to track users who view ads, but who do not click on them.

The site reports that, in one example, 87 percent of conversions came from impressions (views), rather than clicks.

The view tag program was first rolled out privately, but over time, Facebook allowed more advertisers to make use of it.

TechCrunch illustrated how view tags work in a flowchart:


Source: TechCrunch

TechCrunch quoted one source, SocialCode, which ran a campaign for a company looking to get people to redeem an offer through Facebook. Of the 5,924 people who redeemed, 5,127 had seen the ad (but not clicked), and 797 people clicked through the offer straight from the ad.

Kenshoo also used view tags. The company told TechCrunch that view tags showed that 34.6 percent of conversions came from impressions where users did not click on the ad. These kinds of conversions generated more than $31,000 — 29 percent of the campaign’s total revenue.

Earlier this year, Facebook partnered with DataLogix to find out how often someone buys a product after seeing an ad for it on the site. Through view tags, advertisers can see what ad led to a purchase, even if the user didn’t click on it.

More details aboput Facebook’s View Tags can be found here

Read the full TechCrunch report here

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