World’s first Instagram menu- restaurant uses customers’ snaps to promote food


New York City's Comodo restaurant has harnessed passionate foodies by launching an Instagram menu, integrating the photo-sharing site into their dining experience. The restaurant is encouraging people to Instagram pictures of the dishes with a designated hashtag, #ComodoMenu. By using the hashtag, diners can see the Latin American inspired food before ordering (or even before making a reservation) while also engaging in a distinctly modern communal activity.

Watch a video showing how the service works below:


Although there are currently not a lot of photos on instagram actually using the hashtag (around 30 at the time of writing this post), if it takes off, diners can enjoy a fun new way to choose their dish and the restaurant will enjoy the earned media as diners share the content with their friends.

With an official hashtag, the restaurant now has a way of tracking and collecting all the pictures. It also ensures that the dishes never leave the kitchen without looking photogenic.

Among the dishes you might see on the Instagram menu are Comodo's swordfish ceviche, seared duck breast and poblano pepper pasta.

Samples already using the hashtag are shown below:


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