Half of Brits ‘prefer to watch catch-up TV on the big screen’


Over half of the UK (51%) prefer to watch catch-up services on a TV, rather than a smartphone or tablet.

The study, from Twonky, shows that only 19 percent of people surveyed say that convenience is more important than screen size.

The finding s come as developments in mobile technology were at the forefront of the news in 2012 with an unprecedented number of new consumer devices released, from a range of 7 inch tablets to XL smartphones.

In addition, to these advances in technology hardware, the last 12 months has seen a plethora of software and apps released for consuming video content on-the-go, such as Sky Go, Netflix, and 4oD.

Whilst TV streaming apps are proving popular, with 41 percent of people having downloaded at least one, film streaming apps are still lagging behind with only 13 percent.

The research also found that the top three bug bears with watching video online, at home or on the go are:
1. Slow broadband speed means frequent buffering (46%)
2. Ad breaks are too frequent or repetitive (26%)
3. Content of internet TV applications is lower quality than TV (17%)

Also launched in 2012 was YouView, the UK hybrid digital TV service provided by BT and TalkTalk to offer BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand5. Previously known as Project Canvas when the plans were officially announced in 2008, the service would have been the first of its kind in the UK.

However, having taken four years to be released the service has been overshadowed by offerings the major UK broadcasters have developed themselves, such as Sky and Virgin Media. As a result, nearly 50 percent (49%) of people in the UK have not even heard of YouView.

Other stats of interest:

• Almost a third (29%) of people most often watch TV on their mobiles or tablets whilst in bed (50% of 18-24 year olds)

• Following the rise in popularity of the second screen, 19 percent of people think it is anti-social to use smartphone or tablet whilst watching TV

• During the Christmas period, nearly 40 percent (38%) of people used second screen devices to avoid the pain of Christmas TV scheduling. A further 37 percent used them to catch up on shows missed because of the family

• Even though 2012 was the year of Olympic fever, the most popular sport tweeted about by men was Premiership Football

Jerome Rota, Senior Vice President, Consumer Products and Services at PacketVideo, said of the results: “After such a focus on mobility in 2012, we were slightly surprised by the results of this research but not entirely shocked. Although entertainment on the go is a convenient development, larger screens still provide the best user viewing experience. Consuming media on a large screen allows for a better quality of viewing and a more social experience. The internet is full of high quality of content with the added benefit of anytime viewing. That, combined with these findings, suggests that the connected home is the preferred solution for the perfect entertainment environment.”

About the research
The survey looked at UK adults (18+) that had previously bought something online. 1,000 respondents were surveyed and the data was collected by Redshift Research.

Source: http://developer.twonky.com/?q=home

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