China overtakes US as top smartphone market


China has overtaken the US in terms of having the most active Android and iOS devices, according to new data.


The research, from Flurry Analytics, indicate that in January the US had 222 million devices and China had 221 million.

Despite the final February numbers not being in yet, Flurry has projected that China will have 246 million iOS or Android devices and the US will have 230 million.

Flurry forecasts that US will not overtake this lead in the future, based on the current country population totals, with 1.3 billion for China and roughly 310 million for the US.

The data coming from Flurry has the UK in third with 43 million, South Korea in fourth with 30 million and Japan in fifth with 29 million.

Below, is the top 12 countries by active iOS and Android installed base through the end of January 2013.


Columbia, Vietnam, Turkey, Ukraine and Egypt are currently top 5 in terms of fastest growing Android and iOS devices by market.

While the four BRIC countries are not all among the top 12 countries in terms of percentage growth (specifically, Brazil and Russia are not top 12 "growers"), all four are among the top 12 when calculating the number of net active devices added per market (i.e., Brazil +11.5 million, Russia +12.0 million, India +12.4 million, China +149.5 million).



Flurry uses its entire data set, tracking more than 2.4 billion anonymous, aggregated application sessions per day across more than 275,000 applications around the world to calculate the data. Flurry estimates that it reliably measures activity across more than 90% of the world’s smart devices.

Source: Flurry

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