Real time bidding trends: Mobile spend set to rise (infographic)


With real time bidding on the rise, this new infographic from the Rubicon Project provides an overview of the European market for mobile real-time bidding (RTB).

Representing the views of leading agency trading desks across Europe, the infographic is based on the results of a survey carried out in January 2013, providing a benchmark for the growth and development of mobile automated trading over the coming year.

Key statistics in the Rubicon Project Mobile RTB Infographic include:

• Mobile represented less than 5% of spend for 83% of agency trading desks in 2012, however 57% predicted mobile spend would be 5-10% in 2013, and 17% said it would be between 10-20%

• In terms of how agencies are currently accessing mobile inventory, 22% said ‘directly through publishers’, 30% through mobile ad networks, and the most, 49% through mobile demand side platforms (DSPs), agencies’ access point for buying through RTB

• The most common partners agency trading desks are currently working to buy mobile ads include AdMob and Invite Media (both owned by Google) and StrikeAd

• The top challenges agencies are facing when buying mobile inventory include targeting (21%), quality of inventory (20%) and technology (15%)

• In terms of the types of mobile inventory agencies will be buying in 2013, these are evenly split between in-app and mobile optimised site ads (32% each) and tablet (standard web) ads at 35%

• The most in demand mobile ad formats were found to be 300x250 (35%), 320x50 (24%) and 300x50 (16%)


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Jay Stevens, SVP and General Manager, Rubicon Project International, explains, “The Rubicon Project Mobile RTB infographic provides a useful insight into the state of mobile RTB across Europe, and its potential growth and development this year from the buyers’ perspective. It also accompanies the roll out of our Mobile Project, which aims to do for mobile advertising what Rubicon Project has achieved for the desktop display market: bringing greater efficiency and driving higher yields for publishers and making quality inventory easily accessible at scale for the buy side.”

Josh Wexler, General Manager Mobile, Rubicon Project continues, “Consumers are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets to access content instead of the PCs and laptops, and the revenue potential for mobile advertising, especially mobile RTB, continues to accelerate.”

The full interactive version of the Rubicon Project mobile RTB infographic is available at


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