The price of love: Brits ‘spend £119 on their Valentine’ (Infographic)


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this infographic from Rakuten looks at the global online shopping trends for the most romantic day of the year- revealing that Asians spend the most, Germans spend the least and Americans spend £231m a year on presents for their pets…


Valentine’s Day is a global occasion, celebrated across a large number of countries (although not all) on the 14th February every year. According to data from Rakuten LinkShare online sales in the UK and US have continued to rise year-on-year in the run up to Valentine’s Day, with a significant spike in the week immediately preceding the 14th February each year.

Rakuten LinkShare also found that in the UK jewellery sales peak on the 8th February, while shoppers in the US like to plan their purchases a little further in advance, with jewellery sales peaking on 3rd February.

In terms of spend Asia has the highest average spend per person for Valentine’s, with an average of £1731, followed by Spain (£151), France and the UK (both £119).

At the other end of the list, Germany comes in lowest at just £59 per person, with Italy a little higher at £62. Going to show that there’s a lot of money wrapped up in the celebration of love each year, and not just in the UK but across the globe.

Key findings:

• The UK spends an average of £119 on their loved one for Valentine’s Day

• Lovers in Asia spend the most per person and Germans spend the least at just £59 per person

• In 2012, lingerie saw a 27% year-on-year increase in sales in the run up to Valentine’s day in the UK

• £231m spent on pets for Valentine’s each year in the USA

• In the UK jewellery sales peak on the 8th February compared to 3rd February in the US

• In France, last year there was a 52% increase in sales for bunches of flowers in run up to Valentine’s Day

• In 2012, lingerie saw a 27% year-on-year increase in sales in the run up to Valentine’s day in the UK3

• 31% of Germans confess to having forgotten Valentine’s Day

• 15% of American women send themselves flowers

• Sales of chocolates in Indonesia double in the run up to Valentine’s Day

• £231m spent on pets for Valentine’s each year in the USA7

Adam Stewart, Marketing Director at Rakuten’s, commented: “Valentine’s Day continues to be another significant event for retailers, whether online or bricks-and-mortar. With sales online continuing to increase year-on-year, it’s important that retailers are ready to take advantage of the opportunity this offers them to engage with shoppers, whether this means offering a special deals, dedicated Valentine’s sections to your online store, or guaranteed next day delivery for those slightly more last minute shoppers. Through understanding their customers shopping habits and offering a great, personalised experience, retailers, and merchants can make sure they are feeling the love this Valentine’s Day too.”


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