Facebook free voice call app hits UK: a threat to mobile networks?


In a potential challenge to mobile networks, Facebook has expanded its Messenger app to the UK, offering uses with free voice calls with friends on the social network.


The features have been trialled in the US and Canada at the beginning of the year, and lets users make free calls to their Facebook contacts over Wi-Fi.

Users can start a call by tapping on the “i” in the top right corner of the conversation view within the Facebook Messenger app and the contacts information page will be presented with the option of making a free call.

The tool also lets users leave friends voice messages to pick up later.
Facebook Messenger for iPhone is available as a free download on iTunes. It is also available on Android and BlackBerry.

The move sees Facebook go up against Microsoft’s Skype and Apple’s Facetime, but also mobile network operators, givi ng mobile user’s an alternative way to chat with friends without racking up talk-time charges.

But mobile networks may not be quaking in their boots too much – to use VoIP on the move still requires a data connection, so users will be eating into their monthly data plans rather than minutes-allowance.

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