Samsung Galaxy S4 searches catching iPhone ahead of launch


Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch today, Experian has revealed how Brits are searching for smartphones, and how the flagship Android device is beginning to catch Apple in terms of consumer interest.

Watch this Bloomberg interview below discussing the impending launch:


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The data shows online consumer interest in the Samsung brand in the lead up to today’s launch and Experian has bulleted some of the highlights of the data below – all data is correct as of week ending 9th March 2013 .

1. Samsung S4 was the second most searched for mobile phone of the week after the iPhone; 9.2% of all mobile phone searches were for the S4 last week

2. Overall Samsung accounted for 1 in every 4 mobile phone searches last week (Apple was 1 in 5) – just to be clear here we mean searches for mobile phones, not searches made on mobiles.

3. Searches for the S4 increased by 30% in the last week a bigger increase than any other smartphone

4. Of all the S4 searches conducted last week 10% included the words ‘release date’, 3% included the word ‘pictures’ and only 1% included the word ‘price’ which indicates at this stage that people are more interested in when the phone will be available and what it looks like rather than what it costs.

5. The impending launch of the S4 also had a positive knock on effect for some of Samsung’s other products. Searches for the Galaxy Tab 2 increased by 0.5% since last week and the Nexus 10 (which is manufactured by Samsung) saw a 8.5% increase in searches.

James Murray, Digital Insight Manager for Experian Marketing Services commented: “There has been a lot of online excitement surrounding the launch of the new Samsung smartphone. In the last week searches for the S4 have increased by 30% to become the second most searched for smartphone in the UK. At the moment, most people are interested in when the phone will be available and what it looks like, with searches including words like ‘release’ and ‘pictures’. Once the phone has been launched we would expect searches to switch to reviews and price and then finally to accessories to buy with the phone. The S4 has consolidated Samsung’s place as the most searched for mobile brand online, accounting for 25% of all searches for smartphones in the last week.”

Set to be unveiled at a New York event scheduled for 11pm (GMT), the Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumoured to feature a 5 inch screen, eye-scrolling and a 13 megapixel camera, according to Bloomberg.

Watch the event promo video below:

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