Tesco begins Street View Easter egg hunt


Tesco has launched an online Easter egg hunt, using Google Street View technology to allow players to explore their local streets to find virtual Easter eggs.


The game requires users to type in their post code or use GPS on their mobile device to begin their search for thousands of virtual eggs, with a voucher for a chocolate bunny available for those who find three eggs.

As well as chocolate prizes there are also some extra special golden eggs hidden, with the finders winning tablet computers.

Jude Brooks, head of social communities and insight at Tesco, said: “Our customers loved Pull-a-Cracker at Christmas, so for Easter we wanted to find another way to bring people together online to join in the fun. The Easter egg hunt is a much loved tradition and this year we’re excited to be giving it a digital twist. We hope that people from across the country get online and search for the virtual eggs hidden on their street and even hide some for their friends.”

The campaign is set to expand next week, with the launch of a TV ad, featuring a family settling down to enjoy an Easter lunch whilst the youngest focuses all her efforts on finding that final egg in a classic Easter egg hunt.


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