Game of Thrones (the sales and marketing version)


Much like the TV phenomenon ‘Game of Thrones’, the sales and marketing factions of large organisations are often locked in bitter internal feuds. This infographic from Pardot charts the ongoing battle and looks for ways to broker peace between these rival houses.

The marketing automation firm identifies the ‘soldiers’ in Marketing and Sales by their motivations, battle cries, and weapons.

Sales reps want to close deals. All they want is (more) leads. Their battle cry is, Let me tell you a little more about our product! Their weapons of choice are LinkedIn, email, phones, and CRM.

In contrast, Marketing soldiers want to drive leads and prove the value of their campaigns. Their battle cry is We had a great click-through rate on last week's campaign! The weapons they choose are Twitter, email, analytics, and AdWords.

The war between Marketing and Sales consists of ongoing battles, including these:

• The Battle of Reporting (Who gets the credit after a deal closes?)
• The Battle of Lead Grading? (Who decides which leads are good?)
• The Battle of Nurturing (Who nurtures leads to get them ready for sales?)

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Source: Pardot

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