IPC ‘Amplify’ format combines editorial with ad creative


IPC Advertising has launched a new digital ad format Amplify to run across its roster of magazine sites, featuring a mix of editorial content and sponsored ads in the same unit.


The publisher has partnered with RadiumOne to launch the new ad format, which starts with the advertiser taking over a section of an IPC site relevant to the campaign.

This then forms the basis of a new advertising unit featuring both the advertiser’s creative and IPC’s editorial content within the same unit.

Consumers interacting with the advertiser’s creative are driven to the advertiser’s chosen domain, and those that interact with the editorial content are driven back to the section of the IPC brand’s website that is sponsored by the advertiser.

IPC will use RadiumOne’s data-driven programmatic advertising platform to expand the reach of Amplify.

IPC’s portfolio of websites will now use RadiumOne’s Po.st sharing platform, incorporating the sharing widget and a URL shortener.

This enables IPC to track content as it is interacted with. RadiumOne’s ShareGraph technology then processes the real-time data to identify the relevant audience and purchase intent.

This allows IPC to deliver more relevant content to its audiences across the web, thereby increasing its own readership and attracting an incredibly targeted audience for its advertisers.

Using RadiumOne’s programmatic advertising platform, the reach of IPC’s editorial content is extended by making use of RadiumOne’s sharing applications and ShareGraphTM, which uses social signals to track and segment relevant audiences in real-time. This approach can increase the reach of content by up to twenty times across both web and mobile devices.

Sam Finlay, head of Digital Advertising at IPC Media, said: “Traditionally advertisers have always sought to associate their brands with our premium editorial content; Amplify delivers this engagement but also delivers enhanced scale. The format has been delivered on campaigns in the US by our parent company Time Inc. and has seen some amazing results so we are excited to be launching this in the UK for the first time.”

Rupert Staines, European MD, RadiumOne, added: “The distinction between advertiser and publisher is increasingly becoming blurred and IPC Media is taking a bold step in the right direction. IPC Media’s titles produce quality editorial, relevant to a wide-range of demographics which are also highly sought-after by advertisers. By using our technology, IPC Media can massively extend the reach of its content to more relevant audiences across the web. We’re excited by the potential this offers to the readers, IPC and its advertisers.”

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