Men more likely than women to shop via their mobiles


Technology appears to be playing a role in reversing the stereotype of the male dislike of shopping. As the number of people owning a smartphone continues to rise, research from Kantar Media’s Global TGI ( reveals that men lead the way when it comes to mobile shopping.

In the US 15.9% of men say they are interested in using their phone to make purchases, compared to 13.3% of women. Figures are 12% and 10.3% respectively in Great Britain, and 4.7% versus 2.5% in South Africa. (See Appendix below for full results).

Kantar Media’s Global TGI research also showed that mobile shoppers were more predisposed to impulse purchasing. In France, 13% of mobile shoppers say they tend to spend money without thinking, compared to 6% of the general population. In Brazil, 36% of mobile shoppers buy products on impulse, versus 29% of the total population.

In addition, mobile shoppers are more brand and quality conscious, with 19% of those in Germany believing that well-known brands are better than a shop’s own, relative to 11% of the population in general. 68% of South Africans who shop via their mobile say that it is worth paying extra for quality goods, compared to 61% of the population at large.

“Retail is being revolutionised by the smartphone, and the resulting shopping apps and mobile websites,” says Polly Christie, Senior Global Account Manager at Kantar Media Global TGI. “It is now quick and easy to shop and compare products and prices anywhere, whether out shopping or from the comfort of the sofa. Consumers are firmly in the driving seat and retailers need to use renewed insight and analysis to ensure their offering is truly customer-focused.”

The research, which also looks at mobile shoppers’ credit card use and leisure activities, is one of the series of ‘Dispatches’ produced by Kantar Media to provide information for brand managers.

Percentage of mobile shoppers by gender:

• US: men – 15.9%, women – 13.3%
• Great Britain: men – 12%, women – 10.3%
• Australia: men – 9.5%, women – 9.2%
• Germany: men – 5%, women – 1.9%
• South Africa: men – 4.7%, women – 2.5%
• Saudi Arabia: men – 3.3%, women – 2.5%
• Colombia: men – 2.5%, women – 1.3%
• Brazil: men – 2.3%, women – 1.7%
• France: men – 2.2%, women – 1.7%
• Mexico: men – 0.9%, women – 0.6%

Further analysis of mobile shopping habits around the world is available from the Global TGI network of surveys in over 60 counties.

The research was undertaken during 2011 and 2012 with sample sizes varying by country, depending on population.

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