Nintendo gets social with Miiverse online


Nintendo has made its Miiverse social network accessible to all, letting non-Wii U users see the games giant’s first foray into social media outside of its console ecosystem.

Watch a trailer for Miiverse here:


Miiverse online is currently a beta test, and does not offer all features accessible via the Wii U console.

The move means that Wii U owners can now access their Miiverse activity feed, user menu, notifications and communities through using the same login information they created when they first set up their home console.

Users can comment on and Yeah! (Miiverse's take on "like") existing posts, but can't create new threads.

In addition to being Nintendo's first public foray into the social space, it also marks the first time the company has used its Nintendo Network ID outside of the Wii U ecosystem.

PC and smartphone users can access the social network at

This news follows shortly after Nintendo revealed its quarterly earnings, which show that the Wii U’s console sales have continued to struggle.

According to the financial report, Wii U sales failed to meet Nintendo’s reduced sales expectations, hitting 3.45 million units sold rather than the 4 million expected, which was a downgrade of nearly 30-percent over the maker’s original expectations.

Watch a trailer for Miiverse here:

You can acces MIiverse here

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