How to create a slow motion video: New tool from YouTube


Google latest YouTube tool lets users create video that plays at one eighth the speed of their original- and looks as if it was filmed with a high-speed camera. With viewer interest in the technique expected to rise as a result (cue plenty of ‘Matrix’ parodies), read our simple guide on how to create a slow motion video on YouTube below…

For marketers looking at how to create a slow motion video without having to invest heavily in a high-speed camera, the steps are simple.

• When signed in, click the arrow next to the Upload button at the top of any YouTube page
• Select Video Manager
• Click the Edit button for the video you want to edit
• Click Enhancements
• Make the changes you’d like. When you’re done, click Save, or use Save as to create a new enhanced video, while keeping the original video untouched.
• YouTube will do the rest, using its own technology that uses frame analysis and the blending of intermediate frames together.

As an example, see this video of Times Sqaure in New York, before and after the slow motion effect was applied:



While the results don't look as polished or detailed as an actual slow motion video, the fun editing tool certainly isn't an out of place offering for the often-quirky, amateur filmmakers who it's built for.

YouTube aleady offers the following additional enhancements for YouTube uploads:

• Auto-fix: Performs a one click-fix to enhance the video’s lighting and color.
• Lighting and color: To manually adjust lighting and color, click the icon next to Auto-fix to open a panel of controls.
• Stabilize: Adjusts the video to correct any shakiness.
• Trim: Clip parts off the beginning and/or end of your video.
• Filters: The left side of the page shows pre-set color filters that you can apply to your video to give them a stylish and unique look.
• Face blurring: Protect the anonymity of people in your video.

Read the official blog announcement here

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