Online video trends in Latin America: Chile leads the way


More than 9 in 10 Chilean web users tuned into online video in August, with YouTube by far the most popular site across the Latin American territories, according to data from comScore.

The comScore study found that internet users in Chile watched an average of 171 videos per viewer in August to lead the Latin America region.

Google Sites ranked as Chile’s top video destination accounting for nearly 8 in 10 online videos viewed during the month.

“Online video has reached record levels of adoption across Latin America as more viewers are tuning in and consuming more video content than ever before,” said Alejandro Fosk, comScore senior vice president for Latin America. “This growth in viewership is particularly important for both marketers, with online video proving to be one of the best ways to reach and influence consumers, and for publishers, with video ads commanding high advertising rates on a per impression basis.”

Chile Leads Region With Largest Number of Videos Viewed by Viewer

In August 2012, nearly 6.8 million people age 15 and older watched online video in Chile (up 6 percent from the previous year), representing 92 percent of the country’s total online population. In comparison, 96 percent of Argentina’s online population watched video in August, Brazil (84 percent reach) and Mexico (81 percent reach).

These 6 million viewers watched a total of 1.7 billion videos during the month, an increase of 48 percent from the previous year. Chileans had the highest rate of online video engagement with an average of 171 videos watched per viewer (up 39 percent), followed by Mexico (154.7 videos per viewer), Brazil (125.4 videos per viewer) and Argentina (117.2 videos per viewer).


*Does not include visits from public Access computers, such as Internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs

Chileans Spend 13 hours a Month Watching Online Video

Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property in August with 6.1 million unique viewers, followed by VEVO with 3.6 million viewers. Viacom Digital ranked as the third largest video viewing destination with 2.4 million viewers, while Facebook owned the #4 position with 2.1 million viewers.

Nearly 1.1 billion content videos were viewed during the month in Chile, with Google Sites accounting for more than 966 million of these views. Google Sites also had the highest average engagement among the top ten properties with viewers averaging 6.3 hours during the month.


*Does not include visits from public Access computers, such as Internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs

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