SEO strategies in 2013: How to avoid a fight with a Penguin (infographic)


Google claims that its latest Penguin 2.0 algorithm will be the most-talked-about update of 2013 for brands’ SEO strategies. This infographic from US content marketing agency Brafton offers a guide to help you fend off potential PageRank downgrades and rank high in Google.

In its blog, Brafton offers six steps for link success:

1.) Build out the homepage with more content
Adding fresh headlines to homepages keep crawlers coming back, so you’re less link dependent.

2.) Create more landing pages
Better organizes the website and shows internet users where to go next on the site. Each new landing page is an opportunity to acquire more organic links.

3.) Develop a site map
Improves crawlability and ensures all pages are indexed regardless of how many links are pointing to them.

4.) Begin varied and dynamic organic linking
For every two diverse internal links on a page, there must be one external link. Also, internal links should use a mix of exact match anchor text and diverse keywords.

5.) Enhance social media presence
Social marketing builds social link bait, promoting high-quality content and driving niche, social links.

6.) Add high-quality, relevant and engaging content to the website
Create custom content to help populate your website with natural link bait: high-quality blog posts, landing pages and rich content.

View the infographic outlining Penguin 2.0's impact on SEO strategies below:

Brafton's Infographic: How To Avoid A Fight With Penguin

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