7 dos and don'ts of mobile app marketing (infographic)


With smartphones fast catching PC use, this infographic from technology firm Dot Com Infoway sheds light on vital aspects that mobile app marketers need to focus on to make sure their promotional activities drive results.

The graphic lists simple practices that will help app marketers crack the success code for mobil;e app marketing.

7 Dos and Don'ts of Mobile App Marketing" provides a visual walkthrough of key aspects of app promotion.

Designed and illustrated in a cartoon-like manner with two fictional characters - Appy and Floppy - the infographic gives marketers an intuitive understanding of the prerequisites for the successful creation, implementation and execution of a campaign.

Key aspects of the infographic include:

* A visual walkthrough of 7 key aspects of app promotion
* Fun illustrations that help users connect with information easily
* Tips to drive downloads
* Juxtaposition of information for lucid cause-and-effect reasoning

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Source: http://www.dotcominfoway.com/

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