Android game console Ouya sells out on Amazon


Crowd funded game console Ouya has gone on sale this week, offering an Andoid –powered games system for just $100, promptly selling out on Amazon.


The small console was delayed from its 4th June launch date but has now gone on commercial release.

The device was financed by crowd funding site Kickstarter. Those who backed the project were promised to receive the console at launch- a promise that the Ouya firm has failed to deliver on so far.

However, founder Julie Uhrman said the firm is "working overtime" to resolve that issue.

The Ouya package includes the game console, controller, an HDMI cable and batteries for $100, with extra controllers running $50.

At launch the console features 170+ new games and growing. 17,000 registered game developers.

OUYA also runs streaming services such as, TuneIn, and Plex.

Games are ranked based on the "fun factor," not revenue or number of downloads, with all games and apps digitally delivered .

To date, more than 17,000 game creators worldwide have registered to make an OUYA game -- from established publishers like Sega and Square Enix, to emerging studios like Double Fine Productions, Tripwire Interactive, and Kim Swift's Airtight Games.

"It's incredible to think that a little under a year ago OUYA was just an idea -- we wanted to do something completely new in console gaming: build a $99 game console, with no discs to buy, open to all developers, and affordable to all gamers," said Julie Uhrman, CEO and co-founder, OUYA. "Today, OUYA is real. Console gaming has never needed something new more than it does now."

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