Apple planning larger iPhones for Autumn launch?


Apple is planning on launching larger size iPhones to rival the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, according to a new report.


Reuters cites ‘four people with knowledge of the matter’ as saying that the firm is also planning cheaper models in a range of colours in a bid to regain lost market share from rivals.

The report said that Apple is working on two sizes of larger smartphone devices, in both a 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch formats.

The cheaper iPhone would be launching in September following full production starting in August, according to Reuters, with an initial shipment target of around 20 million low-cost devices for the holiday quarter next year.

The moves, which reuter’s said is still under discussion, highlights how Apple is increasingly under threat from its aggressive South Korean competitor Samsung.

Samsung has overtaken Apple in market share through the popularity of its bigger-screen Galaxy "phablets" and by flooding the market with a range of products at different prices.

Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that we might see a larger iPhone when the trade-offs of battery life, screen quality, color reproduction and other failings brought about would be possible to counteract, speaking at the recent AllThingsD D11 conference.

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