Top 10 facts for Father’s Day 2013- marketing tips for online retailers


Father’s Day is rapidly approaching this weekend and so as the majority of the nation scrambles around for some last minute shopping ideas Experian shares its top 10 Father’s Day facts for 2013.

1. 12% of all Father’s Day UK searches include the word ‘when’. It’s Sunday 16 June so there is no time to lose!

2. Unlike with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day activity isn’t planned many weeks in advance. The best time to email customers to remind them about Father’s Day is four to five days before the event. Today – Wednesday 12th June is an ideal day to email customers with Father’s Day ideas.

3. People who do shop earlier in the month have a propensity to spend more than last minute shoppers. The average order value of early bird shoppers was 20% more than people shopped in the week before Father’s Day.

4. Targeted emails with a Father’s Day focus are 14% more likely to be opened than generic emails. Getting the subject line right is key.

5. Fathers are notoriously difficult to buy for. The top gifts being searched for this year are personalised mugs and cufflinks.

6. Searches including the word ‘homemade’ doubled last year around Father’s Day gifts showing people wanted to add a personal touch to their presents.

7. Time is precious and shoppers on average are spending 2 minutes less time per retail visit this year than they were last year. Make sure your emails are simple, well optimised and that the shopping experience is as smooth as possible to ensure customers don’t go elsewhere to buy their gifts.

8. One of the most desirable accessories for tech-savvy Fathers last year was the iPhone 4 case. For Fathers who have upgraded to the iPhone 5, an accompanying case might be just the gift they want.

9. Father’s Day is 20% less popular than Mother’s Day in terms of online shopping. However, that still means some 800,000 hours will be spent in the UK shopping for Father’s Day gifts this year.

10. Chelmsford is the Father’s Day capital of the UK. Internet users in Chelmsford are 18% more likely than the average user to shop for a Father’s Day gift in June.

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