Unilever Brazil hires E-Tale for ‘Buy It Now’ retail ads


E-Tale has been appointed by Unilever Brazil to power online shopping transactions using the ecommerce firm’s Buy It Now technology.

The deal will let visitors to Unilever's Brazil websites purchase all available products through selected online retailers, opening a new e-commerce channel to the FMCG giant. Global brands such as Dove are part of the new system.

Brazil is the eighth territory to implement E-Tale’s technology, following on from The UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, The US, Canada and China.

When a consumer browses for a product on a Unilever Brazil website, the moment they decide to buy, they are presented with options which can often lose them as a customer.

To tackle this, E-Tale’s Lead Referral (Buy it Now) technology works by indexing the web for all retailers listing the correct product and allows brands to choose the link to the most suitable place to buy.

Brands can choose which retailer and can be assured the customer journey is always as desired, maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.

Bradley Keenan, Founder and CEO of E-Tale, said: "Brazil is one of the world's fastest growing e-commerce economies and we are incredibly excited to be working with Unilever to help to capitalise on the ecommerce opportunity. In 2012 Brazil saw a 32% increase in online shoppers, with the number of people purchasing online growing 10.3 million to 42.2 million in total. Analyst data predicts total sales online will grow 18% year on year reaching $22bn by 2016."

“Brands and retailers are facing increasing threats from an ever expanding web of information about their products, from social media to less reputable sources of online commerce. Our mission is to develop world leading technology that helps connect brands and the retailers they trust to cater for the connected consumer,” continued Keenan.

E-Tale’s customers include Samsung, Unilever, LG and Nintendo.


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