Google debuts DoubleClick tool for publishing rich media ads


Google has launched DoubleClick Studio Layouts, a new production tool for building and publishing rich media and HTML5 ads.

The tool provide a pre-built shell that allow non-programmers to turn existing image and video assets into rich media ads.

Users can also plug their assets into an HTML5 layout that renders across devices, without having to code.

DoubleClick users will find the new “Layouts” tab in the green navigation bar at the top of the web interface.

In one case study example, Samsung Turkey launched a rich media campaign in 90% less time than they could have before Layouts, according to Google.

Samsung tells Google they created the ad in 15 minutes and completed quality assurance in three hours with no revisions.

See creative below:


Google explains its reasoning for the launch:

"Rich media’s continued growth is due in large part to its ability to help brands bring their stories to life online. But although rich media ads are recognized as a critical vehicle for digital advertising, the tools to produce these ads are still too complex and time-consuming. The insurgence of mobile advertising and HTML5 has only made the process even more complicated. In fact, ad production can consume up to 80% of a creative agency’s time, leaving only 20% for the strategic, innovative thinking."

Google says they’ll roll out new Layouts formats and features over the next six months and will be launching Layouts for the IAB Rising Star formats, as well as an HTML5 GDN Lightbox format in the coming weeks.

Read the official announcement here

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