Surface Vs iPad: Microsoft pushes tablet after big price drop


Microsoft has launched a new video touting its Surface RT tablet over Apple's iPad, as poor sales of its tablet have led to a big price drop.

Watch the video below:

The ad features a series of slides go by pointing out the differences between the two tablets.

Microsoft gives Surface RT the advantage for its integrated keyboard and kickstand, its inclusion of Microsoft Office, its multi-tasking prowess, and its full-sized USB port.

Microsoft also compares the prices of the two devices with a 32GB Surface RT selling for $349 (thanks to a recent price cut) and the 16GB iPad going for $499.

Microsoft has finally revealed revenue figures for its Surface tablet, after rumours poor sales.

In its latest Form 10-K filing, an annual report US companies are required to make to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company has been forced to admit that it has made just $853 million in revenue from its Surface RT and Surface Pro devices - less than the write-down made on unsold inventory.

The revenue figures represent sales made globally between the launch of the Surface RT and Surface Pro and the end of the company's financial year on the 30th of June.

]While unit shipment figures do not form part of the report, the value would appear to suggest that previous estimates of around 1.5 million units sold are accurate.

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