Angry Birds gets educational- teaches kids physics with ‘Playground’


Angry Birds maker Rovio has got into the education market with a new educational product aimed at teaching kids physics based on the popular mobile game.


To launch the ‘Angry Birds Playground’ project, Rovio teamed up with CERN, the particle-physics lab behind the Large Hadron Collider project.

"With Playground products, kids can have fun and learn more about physics than they would've in the 'old-fashioned' style of learning," Rovio's CMO Peter Vesterbacka says in a statement. "I've been to CERN and experienced it myself. It's a fun place to visit!"

Initially launching in China, the program is for 3- to 8-year-olds, and is currently developing learning experiences.

The platform was developed with experts at the University of Helsinki and is based on Finland's national kindergarten curriculum, the company said. It includes books, cards, toys, games, a guitar, and an interactive whiteboard - all with the popular Angry Birds.

Rovio managers said they wanted Angry Birds Playground to bring back the fun in learning.

The company said it has signed a preliminary agreement together with China's 123 Education Development Ltd to set up Angry Birds learning facilities in China. The first will open in Shanghai.

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